About Us


We are a locally owned and operated landscape maintenance and installation firm.  We have been active in the Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County area since 1983.  We are a small team of dedicated professionals who have been involved in the green industry for over thirty years.  We are not Ann Arbor's largest landscaping company. We do pride ourselves in our work ethic and attention to detail for each and every job.  We started out small and we've stayed small on purpose, to better serve our customers. Our smaller size is an advantage to our customers because of the improved communications.  The person that you first meet and plan with, will most likely be the person that directs the actual work.  We have always enjoyed this close relationship with our clients and we intend to keep that focus.


Our goal is to continue to provide outstanding customer service.  We expect our clients to gain real value from our services and in the process provide us with meaning in our work.  As always, we are committed to the further advancement of our skills and talents.